Fizik Vesta

Vesta - goddess of the hearth and its fire…

You know it’s a good saddle if you forget that it’s there.  Which is exactly what I did.  It’s a good thing too since I went against everything I had ever learned and installed the Vesta for the first time just before a 12 hour mtb race.  It was, ironically, the best pre-race decision I have ever made.  While the saddle did not prevent me from face planting on the first lap, it did keep my bum happy for the remaining 11.5 hours of the race.  Since then I’ve given the Vesta several opportunities to disappoint and have yet to find a reason to complain.

The platform of Fizik’s Vesta is made up of nylon and carbon, named the Wing-Flex shell.  The combination provides for a solid base and some flexibility when hitting the bumps.  The base is covered with a layer of dense padding, providing solid support.  With a Microtex cover, the Vesta is long lasting and easy to clean.

Fizik Vesta

The Vesta pressure relief channel keeps you comfy all day

Two features give the Vesta a wide range of fit, the widest part of the saddle curves downward and a deep pressure relief channel runs from the back of the saddle down the center to just short of the nose.  A few minutes on the saddle and your body will find the natural position that best matches your sit bone width.  Although the Vesta measures 150mm in width and I normally ride a narrower saddle, I was able to find several comfortable riding positions on both road and mountain bikes.  My favorite feature is a fairly narrow nose despite the dense padding.   Even when I’m in the best of shape, most saddles rub my inner thighs.  The inside leg of my road shorts is always the first to see wear.

Note to apparel designers… never, ever put a seam on the inside thigh of women’s road bike shorts.  We won’t buy them.

K:ium, Fizik’s rail material, is lighter than Titanium and absorbs vibration better.  It is also stronger and resists corrosion, unlike steel.  At 249 grams, the Vesta is not the lightest saddle on the planet but when your comfort is in question, this is not top priority.  Retailing for $130, I’m very happy with this saddle and expect it will last for several seasons to come.