Pedro's Tire Lever, $4.79/per pair

Pedro's Tire Lever, $4.79/per pair

Tire levers are often the first bicycle tool a rider purchases.  Though they are small, simple, and inexpensive, we would be lost without them.

Pedro’s makes one of the most popular tire levers on the market.  Due to their shape and construction, they are very durable and easy to use.

Measuring almost twice the width of other tire levers, Pedro’s levers are certainly not the most compact.   The wide lever is easy to hold, however, especially outside when it’s hot and our hands are sweaty, or when it’s cold and we’re wearing thick gloves.  This wide shape also distributes the force of the tire across the lever, making it easier to pry off the tire.  The tip of the lever is angled appropriately to fit under tight tire beads, but still robust enough that it won’t break.

Pedro’s tire levers also come in neat colors, which we’ve found to be a benefit when changing a flat outside.  The bright colors make us less likely to accidentally leave them on the side of the trail when we are in a hurry to get riding again.

These levers are sold in pairs and can be found at most bicycle stores.  They come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.  Check them out at

Pedros Tire Levers in 4 colors

Pedros Tire Levers in 4 vibrant colors