Rohloff HG-IG Checker $40

Last week’s edition of Tool Tuesday talked about the importance of checking your chain for wear. Though it is easy to do, chances are you’re going to forget now and then.  So, what happens when you get around to checking your chain, and you realize that it’s very worn? Will a new chain work on your current cassette, or does this also need to be replaced?

Rohloff makes an excellent tool that helps in such situations. The HG-IG-Check is a cassette cog wear indicator that will determine how a new chain will mate with your current cassette. When a cassette is worn, the teeth of each cog get narrower, and the result is that a new chain will have fore and aft movement when engaged on the cassette. This movement is hardly noticeable under light pedaling, but if you stood up on the pedals you would without doubt notice the chain skipping over the cog teeth.

Rohloff HG-IG Check tech guide

Simple to use, the HG-IG Check measures your cassette for wear.

The HG-IG-Check is as simple to use as last week’s chain wear indicator. Though it is designed to work on Shimano cassettes, we have found that it works just as well on Sram ones, too. To use, simply set the tool’s chain links on a cog, push the lever down and towards the front of the bike, and look to see if the test roller (the last link) moves freely on the cog tooth. If it does, then your cassette will accept a new chain. If it doesn’t move freely, or the entire tool pops off the cassette, then it is time for a new cassette.

GBL Last Word- Though it’s a tool not everyone will want or need to own, it can be invaluable in helping you keep your drivetrain running smooth. With a simple design and ease of use, it is often well worth the $40 price tag.

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By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO