2012 Orbea Orca Dama

2012 Orbea Orca Dama

Orca Dama is the highly-anticipated evolution of the beloved Diva. Just like its predecessor, Orca Dama is an undiluted performance bike for women, not a watered-down imitation.  Orbea uses technologies such as SSN, DCR, Aizone and Attraction to build a bike perfectly suited for each size irrelevant of gender.

As a long time rider and fan of Orbea bicycles I have noticed great developments in each iteration of the Orbea Diva.  Just when you think it can’t get any better… WHAM, lighter, stiffer, faster, smoother.  With the addition of the smaller frame size in the Orca Dama, more women will have the opportunity to feel the advantage of a well engineered machine.

For years, Orbea has been a strong supporter of women’s racing.  Title after title, the Luna Chix Pro Team has been competing on Orbea road, mountain and TT bikes all around the world.  To this day, the Luna Chix Pro Team  is the most successful professional women’s cycling team  with three pro mountain bikers, three elite triathletes and two XTERRA pros.

Orca Dama is now available in 47, 49, 51 and 53cm. Orca Dama colors are White/Silver/Carbon and White/Silver/Blue.  Orbea will offer 4 build package options including Shimano Durace, Ultegra and SRAM Red and Force.  Complete bikes will start at $3999 and should be in shops within the week.

If we don’t die of anticipation… you will be the first to know when we get our speedy little hands on one!

Orca Dama Size Chart

Orbea offers four build kits…

Orca Dama build kits