The idea of the Diva Descent is brilliant… give girls an opportunity to push the limits in a comfortable yet authentic race environment.   All around the world women, companies and sponsors are stepping up to make these events possible.

If you are like me, I can descend any mountain and drop a huge drop… at night… in my dreams. I believe I can do it but the opportunity to try it doesn’t always present itself.

“In an all-girl environment progression is immense and when girls feel comfortable to push themselves, big things can happen.” – Diva Descent

The feeling of soaring through the air and landing a perfect jump (even if I only got 6 inches of air) sends chills down my spine and lets me know anything is possible on a bike.  All I need is some practice.

Here is a quick photo and video of the May 7th and 8th event thanks to GirlMTNbiker.

Diva Descent from GirlMTNbiker on Vimeo.

Diva Descent, 7th and 8th May, UK’s first all-girls DH race.

Footage from the entrants on their practice runs and a clip following Pro DH/4X rider Katy Curd down the track.

Music: Magnetic Man FT John Legend – Getting Nowhere (Messed Drum&Bass Remix)