Ergon HA2 glove - Available May 25, 2011

Ergon products are made specifically with comfort and performance in mind, and the new HA2 gloves are no exception.  These full-finger gloves are functional yet stylish, and are designed to work in tandem with Ergon GA series grips to keep your hands free of numbness and pain.

This lightweight glove includes a micro-fiber Velour-leather minimalist palm with a Kevlar pad on the heel of the hand.  This came in handy when crashing while riding in Sedona, Arizona where I attended Ergon Team Training Camp!  The gloves did not tear and my hand was protected, making it ideal for All-Mountain riding.

Palm of glove, showing dirt from a crash but no damage, thanks to the Kevlar pad.

The side of the thumb is ventilated and soft–perfect for wiping away sweat.  The first two fingertips have rubber on the tips, providing a good grip on your shifter or brake lever, and the design matches the velcro closure on the wrist.  The seams in the articulated fingers are sewn so that you can’t feel them while riding.

At the top of the glove, printed around the Ergon logo, are strips of silicon. According to the website, this helps the glove from twisting while in use.  I have never noticed my gloves twisting, but it looks cool anyway.

Aside from the white leather palm getting dirty, these gloves look great and are very comfortable.  My hands did not experience any numbness or pain while riding with them over 3 days straight.

Ergon also has other glove lines specifically made for performance comfort, racing, and technical riding, with each line matched with a specific series of Ergon grip to help make your bike ride ergonomic and enjoyable. The gloves will be available soon, check them out after May 25th!

By Michele Zebrowitz – resident GBL Chiropractor, recent Atlanta-to-Boulder transplant, outdoor enthusiast, and mountain bike addict.