Loeka Aspen Riding Jersey

Loeka Aspen Riding Jersey in Blue

When I first eyed the Aspen Riding Jersey from Loeka I was immediately intrigued.  First, it’s purple, not lavender but purple, straight up smack you in the face purple. I like this, no namby-pamby colors for Loeka!  To compliment the nice deep color are some low key designs along the side and back with a logo across the front.  It’s simple, feminine and not too girlie.  But what is a good looking jersey without function?

Fortunately, the Aspen Riding Jersey from Loeka has that covered too.  Soft and nicely cut, I have found this jersey to be an obvious choice especially when headed out for a  long day on the bike.  With its ample length and elastic band around the bottom I don’t have to worry about it riding up and showing… ahem… too much. Three nice sized pockets in the back make it easy to carry the essentials.

Another great feature of the jersey is the full zipper in the front.  This makes for a good air flow adjustment and easier access if you love bib shorts.  I was also pleased by the cut of the sleeves.  I don’t have itty bitty arms and usually have to avoid jerseys with small arm holes and elastic in the sleeves.

In the end, the Aspen Riding Jersey from Loeka is a very comfortable all around jersey.  The price is reasonable, the cut is great, fabric is super soft, a staple for any female cyclists’ wardrobe!

To match the comfortable nature of their goods, Loeka is a “conscious” company.  I’ve been impressed more than once.  Not only does Loeka have a recycling program for their gear, they have also demonstrated their support for women’s cycling on several occasions.  Loeka recently sponsored the Diva Descent, an all girls downhill race in the UK.  They are also signed on to support the Midwest Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic in Indiana next month.

What could be better?  Oh, yeah, a sale on 2010 gear and free shipping on orders of new 2011 goodies!