Godspeed Poster with Bicycle Parts Typography

I recently stumbled upon this inspirational piece quite by accident.  Studio On Fire, a Minneapolis based design and letterpress studio, created this fine poster for Artcrank 2011.

Artcrank is a bicycle inspired poster show which features local artists.  The show started in Minneapolis in 2007 and has since grown to cities such as Denver, St. Louis, Portland, San FranciscoDes Moines and Bend and even London in 2010!  The next stop for this year is Des Moines, Iowa.  Catch the show at the DM Social Club in the Kirkwood Hotel.

What could be better than combining art with your favorite two wheeled past time?  Maybe riding your bike to the show?  Sounds good to me.  Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming shows around the country.

And as for the Godspeed Poster?  Studio On Fire promises to have it up for sale by May 22 for a mere $30 in their online shop.  Not bad for some beautiful inspiration!