Shimano Chain Tool TL-CN27 $25

Cyclists often talk about what they’ve upgraded on their bikes. From derailleurs to wheels, everyone can agree that it’s nice to have the latest and greatest. One thing you don’t hear as often is “I’ve upgraded my tools.” With bicycle components changing all the time, it’s good to have the right tool for the job. That’s why the Shimano TL-CN27 Chain Tool is a must for anyone with a 10-speed drivetrain.

New drivetrains have more gears than older ones and with this comes even narrower chains. When installing a new 10-speed chain, it is more important than ever to use precision when pushing in the pin. The TL-CN27 is designed to work solely on 10-speed chains. It works just like other chain tools, but the difference is that it holds the chain snugly, making it easy to insert and center the pin the just right. Its ribbed body makes it a breeze to use with greasy hands, and with its replaceable driving pin you likely won’t have to buy a chain tool ever again.

Other chain tools claim that they work on drivetrains with different speeds. This may be true, but they don’t work all that well. Those tools don’t hold a 10-speed chain snug, which means that it takes much more care to insert a pin properly and prevent the plates of the chain from separating. The potential for human error is increased greatly.

GBL Last Word: At only $25, it’s not hard to justify owning the TL-CN27 Chain Tool. Sure, older chain tools may get the job done, but we’d rather be confident knowing that it was done right.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO