Bontrager ProWrench Repair Stand $265

As a professional mechanic, I know the importance of a good repair stand. While the ones used in bike shops are ultimately the best, they aren’t a good fit for home use. They are very heavy, not very portable, and they are expensive. There is a wide range of repair stands made for home; ranging from inexpensive and flimsy to sturdy and costly.

For its balance of stability, features, and price, the Bontrager ProWrench repair stand has found a spot in my heart. This stand retails for $265, but performs better than stands I’ve used costing over $100 more. The most noticeable benefit of this stand is its stability.   At work I use metal repair stands that are bolted to the floor, so flimsy at-home stands make me cringe. The ProWrench stand has a very wide base that gives me confidence when I’m struggling to free a seized bottom bracket.  The stand is made of large diameter aluminum tubes, so it resists twisting or bending. This stand also feels very stable when I adjust the height to the highest setting.   I’ve certainly used other stands that get more unstable the taller you adjust them.

Despite its wide base and large diameter tubes, the ProWrench stand folds to a very compact size. Using the included carrying bag, I’ve checked this stand on many airplanes and have never been charged for oversized luggage. This stand is also designed to be very easy to use. The jaws of the clamp open wide enough to accommodate any large aero seatpost, and there is also an incorporated saddle rest that holds the bike steady while you are closing the clamp.   Another feature that is uncommon on other repair stands is a small arm that adjusts to let you true your wheels.

GBL Last Word: Not every home mechanic needs or wants the ultimate repair stand. But for those that to do, the ProWrench stand is a great option that won’t break the bank.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO