Snap-on Flush Cutters $50

One tool that we love these days is the Snap-on True Flush Cutters.   Also known as “flush cuts,” this tool has one perfected purpose in a bicycle shop: to cut zip-ties. You’re probably thinking that diagonal cutters, cable cutters, and wire cutters can cut zip-ties, too.  However, none compare to the smooth, close cut edge of these cutters.

While a $50 cutter may seem superfluous, anyone who’s been scratched by the sharp end of a cut zip-tie will tell you differently.  From mounting computers to securing hydraulic hoses, zip-ties are commonplace on today’s bicycles.   Any mechanic can add a professional touch by cutting zip-ties flush and tucking the head of the tie away.

GBL Last Word: There isn’t much to say about the Snap-on True Flush Cutters. When a tool does a job this well, we don’t need 300 words to convince you.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO