Park Tool PCS-9 Repair Stand $130

A few weeks back we reviewed a repair stand that is loaded with features. While that repair stand is certainly nice, we realize that not every home mechanic needs such a loaded stand. This week we offer up a repair stand that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

The Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand carries a price tag similar to other entry-level repair stands, but what sets it apart is its stability, wide-mouth clamp, and portability. At first glance it looks like most other repair stands, but look closer and you’ll see how its features allow it to be as reliable as more expensive stands.

Starting from the bottom, you’ll notice the simple, but efficient design of the stand’s legs. They are wide enough to create a stable base, but easily fold up for storage. Next, you’ll notice the height adjustment available on the trunk of the stand. This feature not only allows you to adjust the height for big or small bikes, but it helps to compress the stand when storing it.

Further up the stand, you’ll see the adjustment knob for the clamp. Unlike other entry-level stands, the PCS-9 has a clamp that rotates 360 degrees. In addition, the clamp itself can accommodate wide, aero seatposts. With the adjustable height and rotating wide-mouth clamp, this stand can hold nearly any type of bicycle or recumbent.

GBL Last Word: Though priced at only $130, the PCS-9 repair stand shares many of the same features as more expensive stands. While you likely won’t see a professional race mechanic using this stand, it’s a good choice for the average home mechanic.

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By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO