Tool Tuesday :: Homemade Sharpened Spoke

Homemade Spoke Tool

Sometimes a good tool is very complicated. Sometimes it’s rather simple. In the case of my favorite homemade tool, it’s the latter.


It may seem silly to review a sharpened spoke, but this is one tool that I find indispensable. Its many uses include:

-Opening the fresh-cut end of cable housing

-Digging out dirt that’s crammed into bolt heads

-Unclogging presta valves

-Removing thorns from tires

-Scoring a line for cutting seatposts and handlebars

-Using as a pick for removing cables that have jammed in shifters


To make one, cut the threaded section off a spoke, and then use a grinder to sharpen that end into a point. It is also helpful to create a loop using the other end of the spoke so that you’ll have something extra to hold on to.


GBL Last Word: This homemade tool costs less than a dollar to make, but has been a staple on my tool bench for several years.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO 

  • Zender

    Excellent tool. If you leave the spoke head end on the non sharpened end and make your loop in the middle it makes a great tool for deflating schrader valves quickly too.

  • Dave

    The O-FISH-AL name for that tool (at our shop) is “spokey pokey”….start with two fingers next to the spoke head, bend, another two fingers, bend then hook the spoke head over the long portion of the spoke. Davey