Homemade Spoke Tool

Sometimes a good tool is very complicated. Sometimes it’s rather simple. In the case of my favorite homemade tool, it’s the latter.


It may seem silly to review a sharpened spoke, but this is one tool that I find indispensable. Its many uses include:

-Opening the fresh-cut end of cable housing

-Digging out dirt that’s crammed into bolt heads

-Unclogging presta valves

-Removing thorns from tires

-Scoring a line for cutting seatposts and handlebars

-Using as a pick for removing cables that have jammed in shifters


To make one, cut the threaded section off a spoke, and then use a grinder to sharpen that end into a point. It is also helpful to create a loop using the other end of the spoke so that you’ll have something extra to hold on to.


GBL Last Word: This homemade tool costs less than a dollar to make, but has been a staple on my tool bench for several years.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO