Park Tool Truing Stand Upright Extension $30

Fads in the bicycle industry are commonplace. For a while, people thought that 29er mountain bikes were among them. Time has shown, however, that 29ers are stealing more and more riders from their 26-inch wheels.

The big wheels of 29ers come in handy when rolling over obstacles, but when the time comes to true them, you’ll probably find that they don’t fit in your truing stand. You can hassle with removing the tire just to true your wheel, or you can get yourself a pair of Park Tool’s Truing Stand Upright Extensions.

These extensions are made to work with Park’s TS-2 truing stand, which has been around for years and is a staple of bike shops and home mechanics alike. To use, simply clamp each extension to the stand where you would normally set the hub of a wheel. The extensions add the clearance necessary to allow you to true your wheel without removing the tire.

Another added benefit of these extensions is that they allow you to true wheels that have removable thru-axles. Like 29-inch wheels, thru-axles are becoming more popular each year, but are difficult to hold in a traditional truing stand. When truing these wheels, clamp the extensions onto your truing stand, and then use the conical bosses to hold the hub in place.

GBL Last Word: These extensions are certainly not a tool that everyone is going to need, but if you own a Park Tool TS-2 truing stand and a 29er mountain bike, this is $30 well spent.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO