Hanging out at Interbike with the Brooks England crew, we learned of this lovely game with the London Ladies.  And we will have to admit to a huge girl crush.

Here’s the story:

The London Ladies’ Hardcourt Bikepolo Club is pleased to present: Hell’s Belles, Vol 1 – London’s first ladies (majority) bike polo tournament. Sponsored by Brooks, Rapha, Chunk Clothing Co and Rollapaluza and organised with the help of the LHBPA.

The Idea:

Hell’s Belles, vol. 1 is the first annual ladies’ bike polo tournament to be held in London.

This year, our theme is ladies’ majority. The LLHBPC, in valuing the ‘mixed feel’ of throw-ins and broader tourneys, are seeking to encourage the continued rapid growth of women in bike polo.

So, whilst ALL girl teams are welcome (and cheered!), the ‘2/3s ladies’ rule’ applies to this tournament. As long as your team has a female majority (i.e. 2 of 3), you can enter. If you are 2 girls, who wish to form a team, yet unable to find another girl, or 2 girls who plays in an established ‘mixed’ team (i.e. two girls, one boy), registration is open to you also.

The date:

October 15th and 16th, 2011.

The location:

Played on two courts at Newington Gardens, SE1, London.

The Programme:

Friday 14th will comprise an informal ‘meet and greet’ and registration (Location TBA).
Saturday 15th starts at 9am, first game at 10am, finish at 9pm.
Saturday night party (location TBA).
Sunday 16th starts at 9am, first game at 10am, prizes presented at 9pm.


We can help make you a match. Registration is open to individuals too. For those who are among the few girls in your scene, we can help you find a third. For those who are the ONLY girl in your scene, we can help you find a team, be it all girls, or female majority.

Girls seeking girls? We can help! Girls seeking a boy? Get in touch! Boy seeking two girls? Classifieds (!)

Email us at: hellsbelles@lhbpa.org

Registration now open!

Register for Hell’s Belles here

Pulled from the Hell’s Belles Website, published by Sarai Snyder.