Yuba Bicycles: Rewarding Community Service

While wading through the many booths at this year’s Interbike we were pleased to find Yuba Bicycles.  Taking a few minutes to check out the new models and learn a bit about what Yuba has to offer we managed to strike up a short but pointed conversation with the company’s founder Ben Sarrazin.  We were both focused on the issue of encouraging more women to take up cycling for daily transportation with kids and groceries in tow.

While there is no way that we could conquer this monumental task in a few short minutes, I’m happy to say that Yuba Bicycles has found a way to move things in the right direction.  In the spirit of the season, Yuba Bicycles seeks to recognize public spirit, and give one good Samaritan the gift of a Yuba Mundo v4 utility bike.

A New Tradition of Giving Back

Yuba Bicycles is a utility bicycle brand, founded in 2006, their mission is to help people achieve a better quality of life through enabling parents, individuals and businesses decrease their reliance on fossil fuels.  At the same time Yuba Bicycles aims to enhance their health, economic independence and connection to the community.  Shaped by this mission of service, Yuba Bicycles is excited to be in a position five years down the road to give something back.

Earlier this year, Yuba partnered with Level Ground, a fair trade coffee and mango cooperative, to donate a few bikes to a Tanzanian coffee farming collective. “The experience of helping improve the lives of farmers in Africa made us realize that we should pay it forward in the American communities where people ride our bikes,” said Ben Sarrazin. “I hope that this contest helps people realize the variety of ways that they can serve their neighbors and improve their communities. By showing citizens what is possible, maybe they will also feel inspired to lend a hand.”

While this contest does not focus solely on women, it is exactly the kind of initiative we at Girl Bike Love would like to see more of from the cycling industry.  Yuba seeks to recognize people who serve the community in any capacity: from the person who serves food at a shelter, to the civic leader who champions the cause of sustainable transportation, to the person who helps out at the local bike kitchen. “We hope that people will take this opportunity to nominate some amazing altruists doing impressive work,” said Sarrazin. “By helping them reward their community heros, we all end up winning.”

Nominations for the contest can be made on the Yuba Bicycles Facebook page until December 31, 2011.

Established with the goal of creating a better world by giving people a practical, comfortable option for running errands and getting work done, the Yuba line of bikes and accessories have garnered a loyal following. More information can be found at yubaride.com.

Posted by Sarai Snyder – Editor in Chief