A Day in the Life; Professional Cyclist Cara Gillis from True Love Health on Vimeo.

This week our host, Matt Ruscigno, meets up with two amazing vegan cyclists based in Los Angeles. Get your notebook ready, this one is full of nutrition information you won’t want to miss.

The mission of True Love Health is to show that healthy vegan eating and being active are super fun ways to live; not doctrines to abide by. For the Day in the Life project Matt Ruscigno and Sasha Perry decided to use their combined skills, Matthew’s as a vegan Registered Dietitian and Sasha’s as a professional film-maker, to showcase rad vegan athletes and how they live. Fortunately Cara is a good friend AND a bad-ass vegan athlete!

Next week Matthew heads to Colorado for the filming of another great video, stay tuned as we catch up with him and Sasha!

Posted by Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO

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