Road Bike: Ridley’s Orion

But why go with their entry level carbon frame? Why not go big with, say, the Noah? I like to keep my dreams realistic (with the exception of the last thing on my wishlist). If I’m gonna ask for holiday gifts (that I’ll probably end up buying myself, because my friends and family don’t seem to understand the n+1 equation), I should keep it (somewhat) affordable. Ridley has a great price on the Orion road bike (which I enjoyed test-riding at InterBike this fall).

I’m saving my pennies, hoping to have this one in hand by spring.

Custom Steel Bike: Naked Bikes

Try not to google this company while at the office. Trust me on this one.  But, once you get home, check them out if you’re not already familiar. This award winning custom bike company in British Columbia, Canada, has been producing some incredible works of art for years. I only became familiar with them recently via the 2011 North American Hand Made Bicycle Show, where Naked once again took the People’s Choice award.  One of my favorite things they offer is either a custom “take apart” bike  (“Rides like a normal bike, fits in a suitcase”) or the ability to retro-fit your steel frame into a take-apart bike. This could make my life a lot more awesome.

Indoor Trainer: Cycle Ops 400 Pro

Maybe it’s because winter is coming, and I am already dreading the impending indoor workouts…  Maybe it’s because I saw and rode the demo model at my LBS last week and drooled a little…  I’ve recently become obsessed with this machine. I want it. I have to have it.  It’s beautiful, comes with PowerTap wattage meter, can download courses, and is pretty much as close as you can get to the real deal.

Apparel: Primal’s Women’s BlingBlam jersey

I love a good women’s’ jersey that eschews the industry’s tendency towards flowers and rainbows when designing women’s gear. This jersey is a perfect match for my preferred aesthetic.  On the casual side of things, I’d also take one of TwinSix’s awesome tees; this one is my recent favorite.

Reading Material: BikeSnob NYC’s book

Yeah, sometimes when not on a bike, trainer or rollers, I read. And from what I can tell, this is a pretty damn amusing read. I’ve flipped through a few pages, and it’s up to par with the merciless humor doled out on BSNYC’s website and twitter feed. This is a great addition to any cyclist’s collection, a great gift for newbies and experienced riders alike. In fact, I think every first-time bike purchase in bike shops across the country should be accompanied with a copy of this publication.

Stocking Stuffer?   Mmm…

Words by Christa Zeilke of Cincinnati, Ohio, a staple of the Reser Bicycle Outfitters Staff, cyclist extraordinaire and *fan* of Mark Cavendish.