Orbea Dama Pro Jersey

We all know that Orbea makes great bikes, or if you don’t, you should.  I have owned two versions of the Orbea Diva and have never been more pleased with the ride quality of a high end women’s performance road bike.  Which puts the new Orca Dama at the top of my wish list.  But we are here to talk about cycling gear, not bikes.

After several years working in bike shops, attending industry trade shows and testing gear, I’ve seen and worn my fair share of cycling jerseys.  To be honest, all the choices can be overwhelming and after awhile it can be difficult to pick out the differences or to choose one over another within a specific price range.

However, this year I have found myself picking one jersey above all the rest.  The Orbea Dama Pro Women’s Jersey is obviously designed with the same attention to women’s needs as their bikes.  When I first pulled the jersey out of the package I could tell I was in for a treat but I had no idea it would come with sugar on top.

Although this jersey provides some wonderful details that add up to make a great all around wearer, it is the amazing fit that blew me away.  I’ve always struggled with a not-so-tiny-tummy.  Most pro-fit jerseys are not very forgiving in this department especially after you get your pockets loaded with chapstick, money and id, snacks and tissues (I’m on the 10 year snot rocket training program).  Not the case with the Orbea Dama Pro Jersey.  Although the Dama Pro Jersey definitely has a slender pro-fit, there was plenty of room for all the extra.

Why, you may ask, would I choose a pro-fit jersey if I’m not exactly “little in the middle”?  Features, features, features.  All the top end, pro-fit jerseys are the ones that have the goods.  The Dama Pro Jersey is no exception.

Made from “Sensitive Fabric” this jersey not only gives in all the right places but it breaths and stays dry.  The jersey also features strategically placed “Carbon Fabric Inserts” for “maximum ventilation, Anti-bacterial, thermodynamic and anti-static”.  What does that mean exactly?

Placed under the arms, these panels work where we need the ventilation the most.  Anti-bacterial means less odor and thermodynamic means it has temperature regulation properties.

Aside from the excellent fit and comfortable fabrics, other great features include a full zip with a cover at the top and taped collar seams on the inside to protect from scratching and chaffing, Orbea jacquard elastic at the hemline with silicone to keep it in place and plenty of all-important tissue pockets along with a zipper pocket with cord routes for your iPod.

This jersey officially goes down as my all around favorite short sleeve jersey.  Combined with the Orbea Dama Pro Bibs, this kit is a total winner for a long day in the saddle.  Not only is it comfortable, but I feel like I look good wearing it.

By Sarai Snyder – Founder, Girl Bike Love – Boulder, CO