Pactimo Ascent Jersey and Arm Warmers

Pactimo is all about gear that is comfortable and looks great. The Women’s Ascent Short Sleeve Jersey is no exception. Designed with a women’s shape in mind, this jersey stands out as a great option for custom kit orders.

Several features make the jersey’s comfort top notch.  With a proper looking, comfortable collar, lined with seam tape, I’m happy to report there is no irritation on the neck.

With what I would call a semi-pro fit, the jersey hung nicely without clinging to my mid section.  The silicone gripper around the bottom of the jersey is bonus, minimizing bunching and keeping everything in it’s place during your ride.

One of the rear pockets features a spot for your MP3 (for those who can’t live without cycle tunes) keeping the headphone cord tucked neatly on the inside.  The Ascent jersey is made of Quattro Lite fabric – soft, lightweight, breathable fabric. Paired with the full zipper, this combination is great for controlling temperature.

The vibrant color and designs make you look good and feel good. When I need an extra boost, my rainbow colored Pactimo Jersey and matching arm warmers get the job done.  And they look exceptional with the matching Ascent Shorts.  On descents or cooler days of riding, the Pactimo arm warmers compliment the jersey nicely.  Due to the tight fit and silicone gripper keep these bad boys snug around your biceps. You won’t have to worry about constantly pulling them up or adjusting.

Pactimo again makes a splash with an sassy schemed, affordable jersey and arm warmers.

By Stephanie Loveless – Boulder, CO – cycling fashionista and wearer of candy coated rainbow gear.