Superstar Long Sleeve Jersey - $70

For women cyclists who crave comfortable, stylish, high-performance cycling apparel without having to rob a bank to purchase it, this jersey is definitely worth checking out.  Pearl Izumi is a well-known name in the cycling industry, producing innovative (and cute) clothing at various price points.  This Superstar Long Sleeve jersey is in their “Select” Series, which is the most affordable of their line.

The Basics:

The Superstar Long Sleeve jersey is loaded with great details, such as textured moisture-wicking material, a 12″ zipper for venting, 3 back pockets to stash snacks, and reflective yet feminine elements to increase visibility in low light.  It comes in blue (shown), pink, green, and black, all with contrast stitching which creates a feminine yet “pro” appearance.  I like that the jersey is cut for a woman’s curves, but it’s comfortable and not too tight–and it isn’t over the top girly.  The Select Series items are looser fitting compared to the Elite and Pro Series which are more of a race cut.

The Low Down:

I wore this jersey a few times and I like it a lot.  It’s very versatile – you can ride in it, put layers under or on top, or use it for other outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing.  In other words, it doesn’t “look” like a cycling jersey with the exception of the 3 back pockets.  Although this is the most basic level of technical fabrics that PI offers, it still performed well.  The wicking properties pulled the sweat from my body and I stayed dry throughout my ride.  Overall, my favorite features of this jersey are the comfortable fit and stylish appearance.  Having worn Pearl Izumi cycling apparel in the past, I know this piece will last several seasons due to the high quality construction the company is known for.

By Michele Zebrowitz – resident GBL Chiropractor, recent Atlanta-to-Boulder transplant, outdoor enthusiast, and mountain bike addict.