Chris King Hub Tool

Tool: Chris King Hub Service Tool

Job: Disassembles and reassembles Chris King Hubs

Thumps Up: Though Chris King hubs will likely outlive their competitors, they aren’t immune to routine maintenance. The Hub Service Tool is essential to overhauling them. It removes/installs the bearings, the Ring Drive assembly, and the drive shell mechanism. The tool also comes with a separate hub cone adjusting tool, so that the hub can be easily adjusted once it’s been overhauled.

Thumbs Down: This tool can seem complicated the first time you use it, however it does come with a detailed service manual. Also, this tool doesn’t work on the new R45 hubs, though there is a similar tool available for those hubs.

Tool Tip: The service manual may seem long, but resist the urge to skim through it. Take the time to read it thoroughly, and you’ll be surprised at how quick you can overhaul these hubs.

Last Word: Though it’s pricey, it’s a worthwhile purchase for any high end shop or any home mechanic who owns multiple pairs of King hubs.

Info: Retails for $169, available at

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, Colorado