Hozan C-205 Lockring Wrench

Job:  Installing and removing track and bottom bracket lockrings.

Thumps Up:  There are many lockring wrenches on the market.  They all look similar and do the same job, however the Hozan C-205 outperforms the others.  The best thing about this tool is the shape of its ends.  The tooth profile and the curvature of the tool enable you to get a solid grip on the lockring and be confident that the tool won’t slip off.  The tool itself is also thicker than the others, so the teeth have more contact surface and the tool feels more comfortable in your hand.

Thumbs Down:  While this tool works very well, it seems pricey given that it is simply a piece of hardened stamped steel.

Tool Tip:  When using this tool on a track bike, keep in mind that track lockrings are left-hand threaded.  So, the right-tighty-lefty-loosey adage applies in reverse.

Last Word:  If you want the best tool for the job- price irrelevant- then the Hozan C-205 is for you.

Info:  Retails for $36, available at http://www.hozan.co.jp/cycle_e/

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, Colorado