Job: Inflates your shocks and fine tunes the pressure.
Thumps Up:  The Shock Driveis a tiny, lightweight pump that works just as well as bigger, bulky shock pumps.  It can reach pressures of 300 psi, and it has a bleed valve to quickly release air if needed.  At only 84 grams and 8.5” x 1” in size, it will easily fit in your jersey pocket or hydration pack.  Another nice feature is its water-resistant gauge.  Such a gauge is not usually something you’d consider when buying a pump, however it comes in handy during freak rain showers or failed creek crossings.

Thumbs Down:  The pressure scale that’s printed on the pump seems like it would wear off over time if the pump is left to bang around in your tool box or hydration pack.

Tool Tip:  A common mistake people often make is adjusting the air pressure too often while trying to dial in the feel of their suspension.  A good recommendation is setting your sag correctly (according to the manufacturer) and then making adjustments with the compression and rebound knobs.  If you still can’t achieve the desired tuning, then try changing the air pressure.

Last Word:  Just as anyone with a bike needs to own a floor pump, anyone with an air shock needs to own a shock pump.  The Shock Drive is a good choice because it works well and is easy to carry and store.

Info:  Retails for $45,

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, Colorado