Tool:  Specialized FSR Bearing Puller/Press Tool Kit

Job:  Installing and removing pivot bearings from full-suspension mountain bike frames

Thumps Up:  The FSR Bearing Puller/Press Tool Kit enables mechanics to easily replace pivot bearings and ensures that the job is done without damage to the bearings or the frame.  In the past, mechanics have been known to use punches and sockets to create homemade bearing tools, but with the FSR kit we have ‘the right tool for the right job.’

Thumbs Down:  Given how infrequently most people need to replace their pivot bearings, this is probably not money well spent for a home mechanic.

Tool Tip:  Although this tool was designed to work on Specialized frames, it also works well for many other companies’ frames.  Take care when choosing the pieces of the tool to use, as your bearings and frame may be slightly different than FSR frames/bearings.

Last Word:  For easy replacement of pivot bearings on mountain bike frames, this tool is a must-have for bike shops.

Info:  Retails for $400.  Available at

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, Colorado