For Immediate Release 3-1-2012

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IMBA and the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin have formed a unique partnership, designed to significantly enhance mountain bike opportunities across the state. Beginning February 22nd, 2012, all IMBA members in Wisconsin will automatically share a joint membership in the Bike Fed.

The Bike Fed will expand its statewide advocacy efforts by taking a more active role on mountain bike issues, including working with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies. IMBA will support the Bike Fed’s work, and will help mountain bike organizations in Wisconsin expand their memberships and effectiveness.

“IMBA’s knowledge of sustainable trails and best practices for mountain bike management — combined with the Bike Fed’s influence in the state capitol and respected leadership across the state — has the potential to accelerate the changes that Wisconsin mountain bikers have hoped to see,” said Mike Van Abel, IMBA’s executive director.

The Bike Fed/IMBA partnership is being further enhanced by the recent alignment between the Bike Fed and the Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association (WORBA). Beginning February 22nd, 2012, WORBA will become an organized campaign of the Bike Fed. This campaign, the Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Alliance, will work to better organize state mountain biking interests and provide better technical support of local initiatives.

The Bike Fed and state mountain biking leaders will help promote IMBA’s thriving Chapter Program to local mountain bike clubs. IMBA’s Chapter Program lends administrative support, help with maintaining or achieving tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status and assistance from professional IMBA staff. Several Wisconsin clubs have already engaged with IMBA’s Chapter Program, including CAMBACORPKORC and METRO.

“I have no doubt that Wisconsin mountain bikers will benefit from this partnership,” said Kevin Hardman, Bike Fed Executive Director. “IMBA and the Bike Fed are committed to working together to bring improved resources and strong leadership that will advance mountain bike access and opportunities — the goal is to bring world-class trails to riders across the Wisconsin.”

About Wisconsin Bike Fed and Membership Info for Wisconsin Residents

The Wisconsin Bike Fed is the state’s bicycle advocacy, education and lobbying organization. The Bike Fed works on behalf of anyone who enjoys and promotes bicycling. Its goal is to make Wisconsin bicycling world-class.

As a member of IMBA, you are entitled to a FREE membership in the Wisconsin Bike Fed. By joining as a member, you will help grow and strengthen the Wisconsin mountain biking community. Together, we will work with you, your local chapter and IMBA to foster sustainable and ever-expanding, off-road riding in our state.

Sign up for IMBA membership HERE. Then, redeem your FREE membership in the Wisconsin Bike Fed by following the details in your IMBA membership receipt.