Winter Cycles

An in-depth interview with builder Eric Estlund of Winter Cycles will be featured on Girl Bike Love in the coming days but it was nice to finally see his bicycles at NAHBS. Pictured here is his all-weather road frame with a Keith Anderson paint job and a track bike built around an aero down tube that Eric’s had stashed away–he finally put it to good use!

Pereira Cycles

Tony Pereira out of Portland, OR features his pink ultimate utility bicycle at NAHBS this year. The bike includes a locking box in the front for valuables and has an integrated sound system built in so you can listen to your jams while you ride. This motorized bicycle, utilizing the Bionx system, allows you to ride up to 20mph. One other cool feature is the built in u-lock.

Ira Ryan

It’s fitting that Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira’s booths are joined at the hip with their collaboration on the Rapha Continental Road bikes last year. Ira Ryan also features a transportation bike that was commissioned by Jason French, owner of Ned Ludd restaurant in Portland, OR. This bike is deemed the no-excuses market bike. French needed a bike to pick up produce from Portland farmers markets, which he frequents 7 days a week during spring and summer for his restaurant. The frame was built by Ryan, and the the racks by Ben Leonard. This piece of perfection is quite stunning!


Christopher Igleheart, currently out of Massachusetts, has been building for over 25 years. He learned to build in the ’80s with Fat City Cycles before starting his own company. He builds steel frames and forks. We were nothing short of in love with his cherry red mixte equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. This little set-up is the perfect bike to ride to work.

By Stephanie Loveless – Boulder, Colorado