I’m just going to be honest and say that my greasy paws have gotten me in trouble a time or two as well.  I will also admit that being raised 100 feet from an auto garage and my sister and I playing tool gopher to the man who owned it, our father, gave me an odd sort of affinity for the smell of grease.  It brings back memories of fast cars, the complex puzzle of how they work and my father’s big strong helping hands.

As an adult I’ve all but traded in my car for a bicycle and while I still like the smell of grease and the reminder of hard work, I don’t really have time for it.  Riding a bike for transportation, while it has many rewards, time is not always one of them.

After several experiences with the Gates Carbon Drive system I’m getting more comfortable with it and am excited to have it on my next commuter bike.  The video is pretty much dead on, it is so much cleaner and requires a lot less maintenance.  My time on a belt drive has been spent off road with one gear and it is amazingly quite.

What could be better than listening to the trees and leaves rustle around you… and your ride partner yelling for you to pick up the pace.  The commuter is going to need some gears though, which requires an internally geared hub.  More on that to come.

Have you tried riding belt drive?  Would you like to?

By Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO