If you have ever experienced the road cycling community in Boulder, CO, you understand the importance of slick kit designs, minimizing equipment weight, coordinating from head to toe, and having the latest technology.  The Louis Garneau CFS-300 road cycling shoe fits right in.

The shoe features a 100% thermo moldable design that can be done over many times using your household oven; making them suitable for almost every foot. The instructions for thermo molding come conveniently on the included carrying bag, just so you don’t forget, but the process is relatively easy. After preheating the oven, removing the upper strap, and placing the cleat-less shoes on a cookie sheet, I put them in the oven for 15 minutes. The instructions indicated an oven temperature of 150 degrees F, but the lowest temperature my oven would go was 175 degrees F, so I kept a close eye on them.

Afterwards, I slipped my feet straight into them while wearing my go-to cycling socks, and tried to keep myself entertained while standing for 15 to 20 minutes until they cooled. Once thermo molded, the shoe literally felt like second skin, and I hardly noticed them on my feet.

As for the overall fit, I have a narrow, flat foot, so I have to latch the straps down as tight as they go. While I am able to achieve a reasonable tightness for the road, the shoes might be better suited for a slightly wider foot. Also, I wear a Women’s size 8 shoe and I found that the Euro 40 size fit best in the length. This is equivalent to a Women’s 8.5 on their size chart, so you may want to consider purchasing up a ½ size.

On the road, the shoe’s middle strap prevented heel slip while the side vents maintained a comfortable temperature for my feet. The carbon fiber outsole and arch support makes the shoes extremely light while providing maximum power transport. The top buckle ratchet system appears sturdy and reliable for maximum lifetime, and the white varnished leather with clean black and red details ensures that I look good all the while.

The CFS-300 shoes come with two different inserts for various weather conditions. One insert provides breathability for warmer riding temperatures, while the other provides insulation for cooler riding temperatures. They also came with matching toe covers to maintain prime coordination.

Overall, I would say the Louis Garneau Men’s CFS-300 road cycling shoe features excellent technology, sleek style, and a moldable fit best suited for a normal to wide foot. I’m looking forward to spending many long hours in these shoes this summer!

By Lauren Anderson – Boulder, CO