Tool: Park Tool Magnetic Parts Bowl

Job:  To hold small parts and keep them from getting lost or knocked off your bench.

Thumps Up:  The Magnetic Parts Bowls is a great addition to any tool box.  It’s inexpensive and will pay for itself the first time it prevents you from losing a small (but vital) part.  Whether you are overhauling a hub, a shifter, or just need a place to set some screws, you can’t go wrong with this bowl.

Thumbs Down:  Is there a downside to this parts bowl?  No, unless you just happen to hate the color blue.

Tool Tip:  If your bench, tool box, or repair stand is metal, stick this bowl on the side (or under it) so that it’s always handy.

Last Word:  If you want to prevent that embarrassing trip to your local shop after you lose a ball bearing or small screw, then you need this bowl.

Info:  Retails for $7.

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO