Tool: Timbuk2 Shop Apron

Job: To keep your clothes clean while you are wrenching on bikes.

Thumps Up: This Timbuk2 apron is perfect for anyone who gets their hands greasy, but wants to keep their clothes spotless. Its best feature is that it is backed with vinyl, so fluids (like shock oil) won’t seep through it. It also has lots of pockets and even a bottle opener that can be tucked away when not in use. With a three-strap system and the ability to fold up the bottom part of apron, it can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Thumbs Down: Due to the heavy duty construction, this apron seemed stiff until it was broken in. Also, the wide waist-high pocket tended to flop open when I put more than a couple of tools in it. To fix this, I sewed a vertical line down the middle of the pocket to divide it into two sections.

Tool Tip: Once the straps are adjusted, you’ll likely have excess strap coming from the buckle. Cut off this excess and then singe it with a lighter for a clean, hassle free fit.

Last Word: Get rid of those flimsy canvas aprons and get one that will actually keep your clothes clean!

Info: Retails for $45 and available at

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO