Nope, that wasn’t a typo. We decided to select not one, but two winners of the 2012 IMBA World Summit jersey design contest. Congratulations to Michael O’Kelley (Snakskin design) and Lucas Williamson (Sunset design). Both winners will receive a complimentary jersey featuring their design as well as recognition at the summit itself.

The designs are now in the hands of Primal Wear to make the final revisions and they should be available on IMBA’s e-store for pre-order by the first week in June. Orders placed before July 1 will recieve a 30 percent discount.

We interviewed our winners to find out a little more about them, and here’s what we found out…

Design Winner Michael O'KelleyMichael O’Kelley (Snakeskin design)
Micheal is an member of the BUMP IMBA Chapter and avid MTB endurance racer from Birmingham, Alabama. He is an architect by trade with no training at all in apparel design, but was able to use much of the same software needed to submit the design entry and this isn’t his first jersey design either; he also designed the team kits for his local racing team, 41 Flyers Racing. He based his snakeskin design on the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, whose range includes parts of New Mexico.

IMBA: How did you get started mountain biking?

Michael: I got started mountain biking in 1991 when my dad refused to send me to college with a car.  He instead let me buy my first mountain bike, a Mongoose Hilltopper.  Being forced to ride, rather than drive, during my freshman year made me realize how much fun it was. I still mountain bike for the same reasons I rode my bikes as a kid – it’s just a blast to get out on a ride, tune out the rest of the world, and do some exploring.  It’s also a great fitness tool.

Snakeskin Jersey - FrontIMBA: How much do you ride and what is your favorite trail?

Michael: I typically ride 4 to 5 hours per week, though some of it is on my road bike.  For trail riding my favorite spot is nearby Oak Mountain State Park (an IMBA Epic system).

IMBA: Do you ever go on bike vacations or ride out of town?

Michael: My mountain bike “vacations” are usually endurance races, such as Big Frog 65 in Tennessee or Fool’s Gold in Georgia. We also have a great local race at Oak Mountain each year called Bump and Grind. [and a great reason to make a trip to Birmingham!] But when I travel out of town for work, you can bet that my rental car is an SUV large enough to hide my bike in the back.


Lucas Williamson (Sunset design)

Lucas turns out to be a student at Ohio State University, majoring in Industrial Design (which apparently pretty much equates to product design – so no wonder he submitted such a top knotch jersey design!). He already has his own design company specializing in custom wrestling apparel, but eventually he hopes to do product design and innovation for the outdoor recreation industry as well.

IMBA: What was your inspiration for the design you submitted?

Lucas: My inspiration came from the rich earth tones throughout the area and evident in the southwest desert Indian culture and art. I focused on the geometric patterns and line work of their culture to influence my design. I referenced the Primal website and the many jersey designs they have for further inspiration. Although a busy design, I wanted to grasp a strong vision of mountain biking, Santa Fe and a unique design that would be worthy of a World Summit event.

Sunset Design

IMBA: How did you get started mountain biking?

Lucas: I have been building and painting bikes for most of my life. The bicycle is a great experession of functionality, design and expression.

IMBA: Why do you mountain bike?

Lucas: It is an intense and fast-paced outdoor activity. I love the outdoors and the rush is awesome!

IMBA: How much and where do you bike?

Lucas: I recently underwent an extensive year long procedure to have my leg lengthened and although I have not gotten out onto the trails yet this year, I am a daily bike commuter to campus and all over Columbus. My colleagues at the university’s Outdoor Adventure Center are planning some local mountain bike expeditions this summer. I am pumped for them!


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