Tool: Portland Design Works 3wrencho (coated)

Job:  To help you remove your wheel and change a flat tire.

Thumps Up:  PDW’s 3wrencho is an excellent tool.  Instead of carrying both a tire lever and a 15mm wrench to change a flat, I now only have to carry one tool.  It is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket (it’s about 4.5” long), but long enough to provide enough leverage to remove axle nuts.  Its tip is slim enough to fit under tight tire beads, and its plastic-coated steel construction doesn’t flex when prying off a tire.

Thumbs Down:  This tool is certainly cool, but I would much rather own a 3Rensho, than a 3wrencho.

Tool Tip:  If your axle nuts seem too tight to remove with the 3wrencho, trying using your feet.  Position the wrench horizontal to the ground and then press down with your foot to loosen the nut.

Last Word:  If you have bolt-on wheels, you no longer have an excuse for not being able to change your own flats.

Info:  Retails for $25

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO