Tool: DT Swiss Analog Spoke Tensiometer

Job: To measure spoke tension for optimal wheel building and truing.

Thumps Up: Any good mechanic knows the importance of using a tensiometer when building or truing wheels. The DT Swiss Analog tensiometer is an easy to use, accurate tool that can be relied on for many years. It’s dial gauge is simple to read, and the accompanying chart details the ideal tension for many different types of spokes- from triple butted to bladed to straight gauge. To keep your investment safe, this tool also comes in a foam-lined hard plastic case.

Thumbs Down: Cost. While not too expensive for a bike shop to own, it’s likely out of budget for most home mechanics.

Tool Tip: When using this tensiometer on bladed spokes, make sure to hold the tool perpendicular to the spoke, otherwise you’ll twist the spoke and get an inaccurate reading. In addition, when using it on a butted spoke make sure that the tool rests completely in the butted section of spoke, or else you risk getting bad readings.

Last Word: There may be cheaper tensiometers on the market, but for ease of use and lasting reliability, this one can’t be beat.

Info: Retails for $500

By Katie Arehart-Rose –  Boulder, CO