Tool: Lezyne Pedal Rod

Job:  To install and remove pedals.

Thumps Up:  Most pedal wrenches are pretty similar in design and size.  Lezyne’s Pedal Rod, however, steps it up a notch.  It’s available in two versions: the CNC which has an aluminum handle and the Classic which has a wooden one.  Both versions feature the same wrench head, which has an integrated bottle opener and two offset wrench openings for increased leverage.  The CNC version has quickly become my go-to pedal wrench at the shop.  The handle is very comfortable to hold, and its extra long length allows me to use less effort.

Thumbs Down:  The only downside to this pedal wrench is that the handle’s long length can make it too easy to over-tighten pedals when installing them.

Tool Tip:  The best way I’ve found to remove/install pedals is to use a push-pull method.  To do so, stand over your bike and hold the pedal wrench in one hand while holding the opposite crank arm with your other hand. Then, push with one hand while you pull with the other to maximize leverage and get the job done.

Last Word:  If you want a versatile, rugged pedal wrench that can remove even the most stubborn pedals, then this tool is for you.

Info:  Retails for $35

By Katie Arehart-Rose – Boulder, CO