Girl Bike Love Kits on Sale Now!


We are very excited to open the store for Girl Bike Love kits!  Thanks to our designer Dbq Partners and Pactimo, we couldn’t be happier with the first round of Girl Bike Love cycling goods.  The feedback has been tremendous.  We feel so PRO!

So, now the opportunity is being extended to you for our next round. Jerseys, shorts and bibs are now available to order on our Pactimo team website. The store will only be open December 6! Orders will ship direct in early January.

Instructions for Ordering

1. Go to the team store section of the Pactimo website.

2. Use the password “team_gbl”

3. Create an account

4. Log in and place your order!

5. The Pactimo fit guide is available here.

Pactimo Fit and Comfort

When we were searching for the perfect kit we tried out several different companies. While there is a lot of good stuff out there, we were most excited about the combination of fit, quality, and price that Pactimo has to offer.

Girl Bike Love Summit Bib Shorts

The Women’s Summit bibs are the first piece that I tried from Pactimo and the first sign that this was who we wanted to make our kits. Using the Summit Chamois, these bad boys rock. These are one of the most comfortable pairs of bibs I’ve worn and I can’t wait to get them in a Girl Bike Love design. I found that the bib is ample (not too short as I’ve experience in the past), the cut is great, truly made for on the bike comfort and the women’s specific chamois has kept me comfortable on many long rides!

Girl Bike Love Ascent Shorts

For those who prefer to wear shorts, the Women’s Ascent Shorts are also supreme in comfort and fit. I have found the “yoga waistband” to be pretty awesome. Lots of companies are finally addressing the issue of the narrow elastic waistband from hell, and Pactimo is no exception.  The Ascent Shorts are also partnered with another fantastic women’s specific Italian chamois.

Girl Bike Love Ascent Jersey

Another great article from Pactimo, the Women’s Ascent Jersey has a women’s specific pro cut.  The jersey features a hidden full zipper, breathable mesh side panels, and an elasticized waist gripper to keep the jersey in place.  The back has three pockets and an MP3/race radio earpiece opening.  Again, LOVE this jersey, and not just because it says Girl Bike Love all over it.

Girl Bike Love Century Jersey

We felt the Century Jersey was a great way to round out the offering.  This jersey has a more casual fit with the same great Girl Bike Love design as the Ascent Jersey.  And hey, since this jersey is technically a unisex jersey, dudes can wear it too!

About the Design

We know you will be just as thrilled as we are with these kits.  We are very grateful to Lance Johnson of DBQ Partners for the great design.  In addition to the Girl Bike Love logos, these are the first kits to feature the CycloFemme logo on the left sleeve.  If you aren’t familiar with CycloFemme, check it out!  On May 13th we created a Global Women’s Cycling Day.  Don’t worry if you missed it, there is plenty of excitement to come as we strive to create a unified voice for women’s cycling.

On the jersey you will also find the logos of friends DBQ Partners and Pactimo, two companies who graciously sponsored our efforts to make these awesome kits.  We are also thrilled to show our support for Mountain2Mountain, People for Bikes and IMBA, three organizations whose advocacy efforts for women and cycling get us very excited.  By adding these logos to the back pockets, we hope you will wear these kits with pride.

Thank you to everyone for you constant support for Girl Bike Love.  We are so excited to see our community growing and we can’t wait to see you all sporting these awesome kits!

Order now, store closes September 28th!

Posted by Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO

  • Penny Schmuecker

    I saw your blog about these kits? Can anyone order these or are they limited to a team? I am a cyclist in NE and would love to order but I cannot access the team store with the password of team_gbl. Please let me know as I would like to place an order. Thanks in advance!

  • Missie

    Will the store open again?

  • Lisa

    Oh no! I missed it! When are the kits going to be available again?

    • Female Cyclist

      Very soon, be sure to sign up on our mailing list! I’m going to send out a special email blast about it!

  • laura h

    So if the century jersey is ‘unisex,’ does it mean the sizinf is ‘men’s?’

  • laura h

    Also, is there measurements for the XXL women’s ?

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  • Christine Carman

    Is it still possible to order a Century jersey? I only saw about them last week from the World on Bike article link I saw on Facebook, and I would really love to have one. It let me log in and choose the size, but I wanted to know before I put in my billing info. Thanks!

  • Sarah Cappel

    My name is Sarah and I would really like to get this kit, but unfortunately the store has closed. Is there any chance that I could still get one?