Taking inspiration from grand bicycle adventures, Reveal the Path is a documentary film that sets out to “ignite the dream in you”.  Created by Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks, the same guys who brought us Ride the Divide, Reveal the Path scours four continents for stories and adventure by bike.

Matthew Lee and Kurt Refsnider, legends of the Tour Divide race, share the adventure with Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks.  The scenery and cultures are unique as they cycle through parts of Scotland, Morocco, Nepal, and then back to the Alaskan beaches of North America.

Each place offers a new adventure and fresh challenges.  The message along the way is simple, find your inspiration, follow your dreams, Reveal the Path.

Tuesday evening, I got to check out Reveal the Path at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder.  Playing to a packed house, Dominique Fraissard, the creator of the soundtrack, opened the show by entertaining us with a live acoustic set.

Similar to Ride the Divide, this film encourages the adventure spirit in everyone.

Like many others, after attending the premier of Ride the Divide, in 2010, my entire crew was motivated to be a part of the 2011 Tour Divide race in some way or another.  Two decided to ride and two decided to follow.

As a member of the “following” crew, collecting stories and photos from riders, I experienced my own adventure.  My life was forever changed by watching the struggles and joys that only riding a mountain bike, across the country, over snow covered mountain passes and through desolate, sun baked deserts, completely self supported, can bring.  Dealing with my own challenges along the way, every moment of the journey was meaningful, educational, and powerful whether on the hunt for food, water, the right road, internet or just a comfortable sleeping position.

On that adventure I had the distinct pleasure of watching Caroline Soong race to catch her partner Kurt Refsnider at the finish before he jetted off to film Reveal the Path.  While resting in Silver City, after finishing the entire 2700 mile ride in just 15 days, Kurt was preparing for the adventure that awaited him just days ahead.  He was the same Kurt that you see in the film, kind, humble, happy and encouraging, a disposition that can only be expected after such a journey.

Reveal the Path shares the story of bike packing travelers, cycling the world ’round, but it doesn’t take long to start dreaming, planning and getting inspired to find the story of your own adventure.

Which has me thinking…

Reveal the Path Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

Check out RevealthePath.com to find a screening near you.

By Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO