When the folks at Chrome told me they were sending a over a pair of their new women’s shoes I was thrilled. Until now, Chrome have been getting their, uh-hem, feet wet, making men’s shoes. Every time that I walked by a Chrome display over the last couple of years – in shops or at trade events – I envied the men and their shoes.

When I opened the box to reveal Chrome’s Delores, there was a drum roll in my mind. Honestly, I was afraid for them, for Chrome that is, because of my super high shoe expectations and the list of manufacturers that have disappointed me in the past with an attempt at a women’s urban bike shoe.

We are a particular lot. If I had a penny for every story told about a woman and her shoes… I’d probably have a lot more shoes.

Well, our readers, and Chrome, will be glad to know that I think it was well worth the wait. That mental drum roll did not go flat once the box was open in front of me.

Thrilled to have an option, I chose between the black or white laces – white of course – and stitched them on my feet. As I looked down and slowly rocked my feet from side to side, getting the feel, taking in the profile from every angle, I was left without much to say except “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

I wore the Delores that night as I have for many occasions since. I’ve yet to find an outfit that they don’t work with. Simple and casual, I wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans. I wear them for travel and most bike events. But more importantly, I choose to wear them almost any time I hop on the bike for a ride in town. The Delores have a sticky, not-too-thick sole which grip the pedals nicely, fit well and as I mentioned before, go with everything.

I’m very impressed with the overall design of the shoe. It is obvious that they did not just take one their mens’ styles and adjust the last to fit a woman’s foot. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, with over 30 years of combined shoe designing experience, they know a thing or two, despite their bag making notoriety.

Also happy to report that after several washings, Chrome’s Delores are still going strong, showing no signs of wear.  And at $70 a pair… I think I’m going to need the black ones too…

Check out the Chrome Delores at Chromebags.com.

By Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO