We’ve been there, we’ve seen it.  Although girls ages 6-9 show an equal amount of interest in sports as boys of the same age, by age 14 they are distracted.

Distracted by the idea of what culture and media tell a girl they are suppose to look, be and act a like, sports become less important.

“Yet we know that girls who stay in sports are proven to have higher self-esteem, better body image, get better grades and avoid things like drugs, smoking and teen pregnancy. Social stigma, lack of access, safety, poor role models and the rising costs of participation are among the reasons girls leave sports.” – keepherinthegame.org.

And while we agree that sports in general are a great way to encourage healthy living, we also know that cycling is one of the healthiest.

Riding a bike is an activity that doesn’t require a team and empowers the individual.   Riding a bike is not only good for your body and soul but good the for the environment and building a strong community.  Riding a bike is an activity that can be performed by most anyone until well past the prime of team sports.

Don’t you want your daughter to ride a bike?

posted by Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO