Women in the Cycling Industry Survey

The Little Bellas at the Yeti Beti Bike Bash - This is why we do it...

The Little Bellas at the Yeti Beti Bike Bash – This is why we do it…

Hey Cycling Industry Ladies! We want to know about you and where you work!

With Interbike fast approaching, our goal of developing the women’s cycling community is at the forefront. If you aren’t familiar, Interbike is the largest annual gathering of the bike industry in North America. This years’ event will be held from September 17-21.

While this is an amazingly rewarding industry to be involved in, women are certainly the minority. As bike folks from around the world descend on Las Vegas, Interbikes’ host city since 1998, this could not be more evident.

This year Girl Bike Love is partnering with Interbike to help make the women’s cycling industry community a little tighter, a little closer, and with the goal of making it a whole lot bigger.

Please join us by sharing your information. We promise to only use this information for good, for keeping you connected and informed, for sharing our efforts in making this community stronger and ever forward rolling.

Be sure to stay tuned… the Girl Bike Love Guide to Interbike is coming soon!

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  • Delmy Linares

    Only 3% of ladies work in the bicycle industrie as mechanics in the whole USA.

  • http://www.ymxbyyellowman.com Olga Tabinsky

    How do I get my hands on some of those cyclo femme tattoos?

    • http://thebruisereport.com/ Female Cyclist

      You can order them here… http://cyclofemme.com/tattoos/

      Be sure to instagram photos with the #cyclofemme hashtag and they will show up on our website!

  • Julie

    The question regarding role at retail bike shop should allow more than one response. In many shops we fulfill several positions. I’m a buyer, bike fitter but sales and customer service are top priority. I happen to know how to work on my own bikes, but I don’t do that at the shop. In a recent local publication I noticed 95% of the bicycle-related job openings are entry level retail. Not a very desirable position it seems. I can’t blame people for avoiding those jobs, as they are often physically demanding with low pay and few, if any benefits. Definitely not a “career” for most women who have or want children and family.

    • http://thebruisereport.com/ Sarai Snyder

      I agree Julie on both points. I thought we had it set up for multiple choice! This is only the beginning, we will have a lot of opportunity to build on this survey! Thank you for getting involved.