Your Next Bicycle Could be Made of Cardboard

cardbaord bicycle

On a trip to the local bike shop, Izhar Gafni learned of a man making canoes out of cardboard. Not only was he fascinated but after some careful thought, became determined to apply this idea to building a bicycle.

“The bicycle is my sort of hobby. That’s what I do in my free time. It’s in my soul.” Gafni confesses.

It took three years to realize his dream. The first two were spent learning about the material, applying age old concepts such as origami folds to the material to add strength. The result has been a completely water-resistant, fully functioning bicycle made entirely of recycled cardboard.

Gafni is making plans to put the bicycle in to production to provide a low cost, recycled material bicycle for around $60. There are also plans for an electric powered model.

Who knew that with $9 worth of cardboard, an engineering mind and stuborn determination a bicycle that supports a 485 pound rider could be a reality?

By Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO

  • Liz Overheul Curry

    Sarai, my son just watched this video. And he said: that’s awesomesauce, where can I get one of those? So…can you help me out?! Much love and peace to you girlfriend! Be well, be healthy. Ride strong.