Tori’s Tips :: Bike Cleaning 101 – Suds It Up


A bucket of soapy dish water, large sponge, dish brush and hose (on a low shower setting) are all you need to keep your frame shiny and new. Keep the bike rubber side down and pay special attention to the rim’s braking surface.

By Tori Bortman – Gracie’s Wrench, Portland, OR

  • your sister

    yo. Deanna subscribes to girlbikelove… she was super excited to see your article pop up on her screen today… the world is getting smaller and smaller. have fun.


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  • Bikehound UK

    Good call.

    It’s probably worth mentioning that simple washing up liquid (dishwasher soap in American parlance rather than UK?) makes a great degreaser for chains etc. Much cheaper than buying the expensive stuff from the bike shops too.
    Charles BH

  • Stevie Bell

    Using normal dishwashing fluid is a bad idea. It’s full of salt and will degrade the finish of your frame. Use car shampoo instead.