We’ve been flirting with rain.  The wintertime landscape is clouds and dark light, a grey skeletons of trees, a lifeless bullion of winter fields.  Today a temperatures dropped, and it finally feels a small bit like winter.

It contingency be a light on days like these, though we adore roving home in a late afternoon in a vanishing grey-ness.  It is windless and silent.  And  I feel like we have depressed into some selected photo, a colors are so resigned – grey, buff, steel blue and hints of ivory and amber.  Almost monochrome.  (With a difference of my really red, red bicycle, of course.)

My “good” cameras have been left during home on these rain-risk days … for now, only some of a iPhone snaps.






By Cassi @morebikes

We are anxious to move we a pleasing photos and brief stories of Cassi Yost.  To review some-more of her tour on dual wheels follow shebicycles.com.

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