For the past five years, Mountain 2 Mountain has been working in Afghanistan to create education and opportunities for women and girls. In 2009, Shannon became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan. Last fall, Shannon discovered an underground movement of female cyclists – not just riding their bikes, but cycling as part of the newly formed Afghan National Cycling Team.

Mountain 2 Mountain was featured on a NBC Nightly News last week:

Recently, Mountain 2 Mountain publicized a need for all types of cycling equipment and the level of generosity was amazing. A new challenge is now getting all of the wonderfully donated equipment over to Afghanistan this month – and they need our help.  The cost will be close to $10,000.  Please donate to help get all of gear over to Afghanistan, and help the women that dare to ride at

Shannon and a film crew return to Afghanistan in just a few weeks to create a film titled “Afghan Cycles” about these intrepid women that dare to ride. While they are there, they will be delivering the gear to the men’s and women’s national cycling teams, and discussing ways to continue to support these women in the future with bikes, funding, and coaching.

Along with all of the donated gear.  IRT Wheels and Liv/Giant have come on board in a big way providing sponsorship for the Women’s Afghan Cycling Team.

As always, we at GIRL•BIKE•LOVE are deeply touched by the efforts of our dear friend Shannon and the rest of the great people that make the efforts of Mountain 2 Mountain possible.  Please spread the word and support these ladies.  Along with all of their new cycling gear, we are sending a big stack of CycloFemme tattoos.  Although the ladies of the Women’s Afghan Cycling Team won’t be able to show their tattoos on the outside, we hope they know that on May 12, 2013 we will be riding with them, and every day after.

You can follow the behind the scenes blogs and photos of the film project, Afghan Cycles, on Facebook:

posted by: Sarai Snyder – Head Passion Pedaler GIRL•BIKE•LOVE