Taking Life By the Bars - Monika, Tori, Sarai, Mandy, Kristen and Kate

Taking Life By the Bars – Monika, Tori, Sarai, Mandy, Kristen and Kate

We have been watching as the Lean In movement is gaining momentum and grabbing the attention of women worldwide.  A platform for encouraging women to achieve their goals, Lean In is more than an idea but also online community giving women a place to come together, learn, and share.

We are often faced with challenges that make achieving our goals more difficult, sometimes seeming impossible.  It is easy to get distracted by everyday expectations.  Sometimes days, weeks, months go by and we have not taken time for ourselves, focused on our goals or even, for shame, gotten on our bike for a ride.

While I would never suggest that riding a bike is the solution to all of life’s problems, it does, in one simple act, put a multitude of tools in our toolbox that we might not otherwise have.

Riding a bike, even for just a few minutes, clears your mind, gives focus and confidence to tackle some of life’s greatest challenges.  Getting that blood pumping and breathing fresh air renews perspective and gives us strength.  Riding a bike also helps us contribute to our community in ways that one might never expect, gives us energy to support others, and brings people together.

Riding a bikes gives us the strength to Lean In.  In the spirit of CycloFemme, we encourage you to remember that whenever we ride, we ride together.

Here’s our top ten suggestion for how to Lean In and Take Life by the Bars.  Want to share?  Use the hashtag #takelifebythebars and show us how you lean in.

Lean In: Take Life By the Bars 10 Things You Can Do Now

Make time for yourself. Take the long ride home or around the block. Riding a bike calms your mind, reminds that you are alive, and gives courage to face life daily.

Be a friend, and an ambassador. Slow down. Answer questions. Offer encouragement. 1+1=A Revolution.

Give a smile to those you pass. Let everyone know, that you know, we are the lucky ones.

Keep pedaling. You’re stronger than you think. Every big climb starts with a pedal stroke. The more you ride, the easier challenge becomes — mental, physical, emotional.

Let yourself fail. It happens, you will be wiser and stronger for the next time.

Be healthy. Take care of the little things, your body and your bike. Sometimes all you need is a little air in the tires or a burrito in your belly to maintain momentum.

Commit to yourself, to a friend, to your bike. And then go. Good habits start the same as bad. They just feel better.

Go ride your bike. Independence. Self-empowerment. Forward momentum. It’s as easy as riding a bike. Try it, you’ll see.

Share your stories. Engage others. Invite them along. Because whenever we ride, we ride together.

Change your community. By being present, by riding your bike in it. Getting out of your car and on to your bike creates unique opportunities to notice, be noticed, and get involved.

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By Sarai Snyder – Founder GIRL•BIKE•LOVE