Fall mountain biking turned to winter skiing. I’m one of those people that love cross country skiing. It fills me with such joy to kick and glide and rip. I liken it to coasting and pumping on singletrack. The type of xc skiing that I do is a lot like the mountain biking that I do. I diversify and mix it up. I’m skate skiing in the early morning, tele glade skiing in the day and then a sunset tour to Bald Knob. I’m a knobby tire type of xc skier as opposed to the lyrca wearing lung burner.
Sue teles Porte Crown

I spent my long weekends in Canaan Valley working and skiing at White Grass Ski Touring Center in West Virginia. I know some of you are scratching your head saying “There’s nordic skiing in West Virginia?” My response is that there is REALLY GREAT nordic skiing in West Virginia! White Grass is a total party playground with glades galore, Jumps, 50k of Piston Bully grooming, moonshine in the warming huts and Toots and the Maytals on the radio. Pretty much the total opposite of Royal Gorge Touring Center if you have every been there!

White Grass

In years past, I have gone somewhere warm for a month in the winter to ride bikes including amazing locales as Baja, Guatemala and my favorite, Sedona! But situations change and as my friends made plans for another Sedona trip, I was sad for a day for sure.

But it turned out is was a snowy winter with some great eastern powder. Now mind you this is East Coast skiing, so you make a lot of up and down trips. 500ft here, 700ft there and by the end of the day you tallied some vertical. Since I’m doing more Super D’s and Enduros this year, I wanted to work on my balance, pumping, jumping and going fast! There is something so amazing about the cross over from skiing to biking.

By the middle of March I got my Scalpel and decided the first ride on it would be the Virginia State Championships. It was the perfect Mtb race for a me because it was all fun singletrack that rewarded skills like cornering and not using the brakes. It was a short race and I managed to keep it smooth and get a state championship.
State Champ

I know the coming races won’t be that easy, but as me and a friend were joking the other day, “We are deep, deep into the build phase!”
Scalpel hot

I love this time of year, too. There is so much change, promise and life!
Sue Haywood

I’m also very impressed with the way the team has progressed over the winter! We have added more fire power with Amanda Carey and Mical Dyck! We are really a well rounded team that has a great line up of dedicated riders and innovative sponsors. Shannon Gibson and many others have been working very hard to provide our team with support for the great 2013 season.