Photo credit :: Jillian Betterly Photography

"She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life."

— Frances E. Willard

Few things at GIRL•BIKE•LOVE have been more inspirational than #FotoFriday. But we thought it was high time you share what you have been up to.

So, from here to infinity, or whenever we run out of a good reason to run this contest, we will be accepting photo submissions for #FotoFriday. Here is how it is going to work…


1. Every Monday we will post a "theme" for the #FotoFriday competition on our facebook page.  Click HERE and give us a like!

2. Entries will be accepted from the time we post the theme on Monday until the following Thursday evening at 5pm MST.

3. One photo from the week will be chosen to represent #FotoFriday and the winner will receive a super special something which we will also tell you about on Monday when we announce the theme.

4. Photos will be chosen according to the following criteria :: 1. relation to the theme 2. originality 3. flare

5. Winners will be announced on Friday when we post the #FotoFriday.

6. Unless otherwise stated in the Monday mandate, this contest is only open to US mailing addresses.  


1. Submit as often as you like.

2. Photos should be high quality jpg.

3. By submitting a photo you are granting GIRL•BIKE•LOVE creative rights to your photo.  You will be given due credit on the contest page but GIRL•BIKE•LOVE has the right to reuse this photo for any print, web, or promotional material.
4. Click HERE to submit and fill out the form.  It's that easy!