Participate In Your Existence

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There are so many beautiful sentiments in "Participate", a poem by Wade Newsom, visually translated below by Jeremy Collins. When watching it we couldn't help but compare these words to our experience with riding a bike.

It's not about how far we go or which bike we ride, whether we dress in spandex or a sundress, but that we go, that we ride, that we participate. 

Don't worry about being perfect. Because the movement doesn't have to be.


Coffee shop owner and poet Wade Newsom invites us to "Participate in Our Existence" through his soulful spoken words that are translated visually by artist and filmmaker Jeremy Collins. A collaboration born from 5Point film festival, open your minds to the rhythm found between word and art to "unlock this notion that there's more to life than just surviving".


  • Jen

    Thanks for sharing this. The bike is so much more than 'a bike.' For me it's been a tool to rebuild and do more than simply survive. I think the more we embrace and share these types of message within the cycling community the stronger we will be as individuals and as a community.