Perfect for: The rider who likes lush fabrics and minimal branding with some personality

Why I love it: It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but fits and lives up to everything it claims

Silky against your skin, super wicking and just the right mix of funky and wearable, DannyShane's bamboo-based apparel is the new addition to my hand-wash pile so that I always have my favorite plain kit on hand when needed.

The fabric is really that wonderful. DannyShane claims the environmentally-friendly proprietary method of producing Bamboo Chacoal White Ash (BWA) fabric as their own technology. The bamboo is double-burned down to just the white ash, which is woven into recycled polyester fabric. The resulting combination is over 56% BWA. Naturally wicking, odor resistant, anti-static and great in high or low humidity alike, bamboo-based materials make ideal athletic apparel according to those that use them, and my experience has sold me on it.

As soft as an off-the-shoulder top from an overpriced boutique, this jersey offers all the properties you want from summer kit. With subtle texture, dare moisture to stay on your skin. I had a couple blistering days in it and felt it stood up against extra-perforated fabrics. The company claims the fabrics are ideal for folks whose skin gets irritated by synthetics.

Repack Clothing also offers a bamboo ash blend fabric in simple mountain bike styles, only theirs is blended with Merino wool at slightly lower prices, with much less style.

Austin, Texas company DannyShane patterns are unique and recognizable anywhere, primarily made up of tasteful earthy tones in the Tartan Plaids or bold, vintage kit coloring. Patterns with light tones (like mine) can be a bit see-through.

Women's Eco-Performance jerseys are just one casual — but contoured — cut, which fits me better than most. I'm embarassingly prone to jerseys wiggling up and showing just off the happy cyclopse face comprised of belly button over the smiling curve of my bibs. Silicone waist grippers and a fit that works for my body help prevent this. The jersey features three oversized, slanted pockets. Additionally, there is a zipper pocket with a headphone hole, and would fit a small iPod nicely, although it's too small for a phone. 

Ecological consciousness and style come at a price, as always, though. At $125 for a short-sleeve jersey, it had better be soft. But that it is, and the cost isn't outrageous for high-end jerseys. Lifestyle brands are generally pricey and cleverly branded, and DannyShane has found itself a worthy niche for those willing to drop a dollar.

Emily Zinn — Boulder, CO