Perfect for: The girl who hates saddle sores and prefers to buy conscientiously-produced products 

Why I love it: A consistency that works for me and it doesn't draw much attention to itself (I'm not a huge fan of strong-smelling, tingling, slimy or otherwise attention-grabbing chamois cream. It should do its job silently in my opinion)

Women's-specific chamois creams appear to have became an industry trend as quickly as the #clickthruthurs hash-tag, but with good reason. Seems to me chamois cream is one of the most appropriate products to purchase according to gender. Hopefully there's no need to ask why.

I got my hands (and buns) on some Mad Alchemy LaFemme Chamois Crème and ever since have been a measurably happier girl. It's moisturizing and works well both preventatively and as a treatment, although it's meant for intact skin only. I haven't taken it out on any truly long days in the saddle yet, but it definitely holds up for several hours. It's thick but not sticky, and sinks into the skin while leaving a soft layer and washes off easily enough.

Mad Alchemy embellished its standard paraben-free chamois cream with cold-pressed lavender, tea tree, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils. The result is a pleasant, if not entirely subtle, minty lavender scent. Still, unlike some chamois creams I've used in the past the smell doesn't create a peppermint force-field around you with an observable three-foot nose-wrinkle perimeter or leave an unmistakably chamois-cream smell in your car for days.

The company cites the naturally-antiseptic and pain-relieving properties of lavender and peppermint. Tea tree oil fights off fungus and bacteria, which unfortunately love chamois.

“Give it a try we know you’ll fall in love,” the company claims, and I must say I'm a believer. Primarily known for its embrocation products, Mad Alchemy is a true Made In USA company, producing all products by hand in small batches with natural ingredients.

At $18.95 for a 120ml bottle, it's more expensive than Chamois Butt'r Her', which runs $16 for 235ml, but significantly less than Dz Nuts Bliss, going for $24 per 120ml tube.

Emily Zinn — Boulder, CO